Interior Design Latest Trends

Over time or suddenly, home and business owners realize that the time to renovate their interiors has come. Or, if they are building a new structure or completely renovating an old one, incorporating trending design features in the plan will keep your property fresh and inviting for the future.

By definition, trends change. That’s why that sparkling new look of a decade or more ago has likely begun to feel dated and tired, practically screaming for an upgrade.

Whether you are planning to revamp a home, business, tasting room, or winery interior design, making the right decisions can significantly impact the appeal and ambiance of the space.

Current Trends in Interior Design

  • Bringing the Outside In

According to a recent Forbes article, the influence of nature when designing interiors has been the most important trend for 2021. While creating outdoor spaces, patios, and sunrooms to replicate the inside has been widespread, designers are now looking at ways to make interior spaces feel like the outside. This latest trend was likely inspired by the recent pandemic during which people stayed and worked inside more than ever.

Designs now incorporate more natural light, leafy plants, and “natural” furniture made with organic materials like rattan, wicker, and grasscloth.

  • Warmer Colors and the use of Wall Coverings

Compatible with bringing the outside in, interior design Napa Valley experts recommend shades of warmer tones of red and orange, to create an artistic look and feel to their spaces. In addition, many are incorporating wallcoverings as a bold art form with abstract and exciting designs or to just adding texture  for a softer and warmer feel. 

  • Ceiling Statements

At best, room ceilings until now have only provided a passive boundary to a room. Now imaginative interior design Napa Valley professionals add bright colors, patterns, and unusual fixtures to the ceilings to create a more vibrant and sound pleasing environment.

  • Flexible Spaces10 21 Interior Design latest trends2

A design trend that maximizes your existing space while providing complete functionality is to create flexible areas that accommodate more than one function. Fold-out features, as well as movable furniture and fixtures on not-so-obvious wheels, can allow you to reorganize a room quickly to accommodate other uses.

  • Sustainability

Eco-friendliness also combines beautifully with the latest trends by incorporating renewable natural wood in flooring, countertops, trim, and other architectural features, along with stone and pebbles accents.

Reusing discarded furniture, lighting, and other pieces rather than buying new ones can be a stylish, environmentally positive decision.

  • Smart Technology

Incorporating new high-tech devices to control the various elements of the building can generate significant savings in both time and money. Revamping your HVAC system to adjust remotely and operate only as needed can save a boatload of money. Installing lighting systems that are adjustable from anywhere will also reduce energy costs.

  • Concrete Accents

Many interior designers in Napa Valley and elsewhere are considering the creative inclusion of concrete accents and even some furniture rather than just for flooring. Concrete is easily accessible and inexpensive to incorporate into your interior design.

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